Sunday Service Update

The following was posted January 6, 2022


Happy New Year Church!

As a church, the gathering of Jesus' people is essential and we are reminded in Hebrews 10:25 to "not neglect meeting together... but encouraging one another."  



Though much restrictions have been lifted, we adopt a gradual entry in these following matters:

  • Please stay home if you're sick. (Even in a non-pandemic time, it’s good to stay home if you’re sick.)
  • Masks are required, the province does recommend them for indoor gatherings. Therefore, we will keep this a requirement to help one another as we ease into being together again.
  • Pre-registration is not required--just give yourself enough time and space to prepare for worship.
  • Physical distancing is no longer required, but we will ease into this as well. Follow the instructions of the ushers upon arrival.


"Help, I'm nervous about full return!"

While a number of us are very excited about the return, I fully understand the nervousness as well, and that's okay!

  • If that's you, you're in a safe place and others feel the same way.  Actually... you have a friend in my wife, Retty.  Please do connect with her. (Though she is also very excited to be together!!)
  • We will continue to provide space for physical distancing.
  • Let's be gracious with each other as we transition out of this long and difficult season.  Remember, let's make Jesus and our love for one another the reason for our unity!

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know @


Live Stream?

We will continue to love one another and meet via our online live zoom stream service. There's nothing like coming together in person and loving one another.

Let's continue to be as intentional as possible to BEING the church and  LOVE one another--the church--and worship our KING JESUS together.


Please invite your friends...

  • Invite those who need to hear from God.
  • Invite those who may be struggling through this time.
  • Invite those who need someone to love them.
  • Invite those who may be having a great time, but you feel an urge to invite.
  • Invite those you love.


Hope to see you at our service on Sunday!!



Pastor Daryl



Link to join our Online Zoom services: Click Here