New Year's Message & Update

(HFAN International Campus)

The following was posted January 2, 2021


Hi HFAN International Campus Family,

Happy New Year 2021!  You made it!  What a year 2020 has been and as I reflect back, as tough as it has been for our family and many of you, I can honestly say that Covid-19 has caused me to thank God for all He has done!  He has done a tremendous work IN us and AROUND us.  Truly... EMMANUEL... God is with us!


We continue to await the news on January 7 as the  Provincial Health Orders suspends our in person gatherings until January 8, 2021. So take courage, this does not stop the church!  We continue to learn HOW to BE the church!!

We will continue to love one another and meet via our online live zoom stream service.

Let's continue to be as intentional as possible to BEING the church and find different ways to LOVE one another--the church--and worship our KING JESUS together.


Please invite your friends...

  • Invite those who need to hear from God.
  • Invite those who may be struggling through this time.
  • Invite those who need someone to love them.
  • Invite those who may be having a great time, but you feel an urge to invite.
  • Invite those you love.


Hope to see you at our service on Sunday!!



Pastor Daryl




Time: 3:00pm
Zoom “Doors” Open: 2:30pm

Link to join our service: Click Here

Meeting ID: 952 5645 5932
Password: 335454