Prayer is one of the most invaluable and powerful gifts God has given to us. We believe that prayer is foundational in our spipritual growth and the ministry of our church. It is the means for us to fellowship and build a deeper relationship with our Creator. At House For All Nations, we desire to be people of prayer who unceasingly depend and put our trust in the sovereignty of God.

Although praying personally is essential in our walk with God, we encourage our community to also join hand-in-hand and pray together as a group. We gather throughout the week as prayer clusters to pray for the church, one another and the city. If you would like to pray with us, feel free to join us in any of the prayer clusters below:

We would love to also pray for you. If you have any prayer requests, fill out the connect card available at our service or feel free to e-mail us at and our team will pray for you throughout the week.